Association "Suomi Partnership" (ASP) is a non-profit and non-governmental association of businesses aimed at fostering cooperation between Ukrainian and Finnish companies. We believe that potential for cooperation between Finland and Ukraine is underused. Thus, we would like to act as a bridge between businesses of two countries, being a gateway to Ukraine for Finnish companies, and vice versa, a gateway to Finland for Ukrainian companies.

We offer our expertise and databases for networking opportunities. In ASP we follow the economical situation, business climate and regulations in both countries. We can provide necessary information and reliable contacts to do business both in Finland and in Ukraine as we can do step by step for investment processes. Furthermore, for Finnish companies in Ukraine we offer lobbying their interests for the sake of mutually beneficial cooperation between Ukrainian and Finnish businesses. Our services for the members are generally free of charge.


Finland with its solid economy may be a gateway to the EU market for Ukrainian companies. Possible forms of cooperation vary from establishing partnership or agency relationship with a Finnish company to opening a representative office or establishing a company in Finland.


Ukraine may offer possibilities to minimize costs of Finnish companies by relocating their production to Ukraine. A Finnish company, operating in works or services sector, may outsource works or services from Ukraine. Ukraine is famous for cheep resources, on the one hand, and for skilful professionals in different branches of industry, on the other hand. Geographical proximity, developed transport infrastructure as well as European mentality and culture make Ukraine more attractive for outsourcing and investments than, for example, Asia.